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Frequently Asked Questions - Maternity

Boudoir Maternity Shoot by Marta Chodur Photography

Don't see your question in the list? Try the General FAQs!

When to Schedule

When should I schedule my maternity photography session?

Maternity sessions are best captured between 29 and 35 weeks of pregnancy. This is when you are showing but still comfortable moving around. The belly is also more perky and has not dropped lower in preparation for labor. 

I suggest booking your appointment before then! Don't wait until the last minute!

Book Newborn Same Time

Can I book a newborn photography session at the same time that I book my maternity session?

Absolutely! Read about my Belly to Baby Discount and save big when you book your newborn and maternity sessions at the same time!

Provide Gowns

Do you provide maternity gowns or should I bring my own?

All of my maternity packages include access to all studio couture! After booking, I will send you a link to all of my available gowns and other maternity attire. You can then choose from any of the studio gowns or you can still choose to bring your own!

Many expecting mothers decide to bring one dress from home and then use one studio dress (if their packages include multiple outfits/looks). 

Gown Recommendation

If I do want to bring my own gown, any recommendations on what to bring?

Solid colors, long flowy dresses, and open necklines generally photograph very well. Make sure you're comfortable! I also recommend avoiding patterns or lines as they are not the most flattering pregnancy attire! If there's something you really love, bring it to the shoot! Most of all, we want your personality to show through and for you to express yourself with your maternity session!!

Hair Makeup

Do you offer Hair and Makeup services at your studio?

No, I do not offer either hair or makeup services. I do highly recommend them, though! I suggest scheduling professional hair and makeup appointments before your shoot - a fresh blow out and a professional makeup application goes a LONG way when being photographed! You want to feel your best and this is definitely a time to treat yourself!

Style Nails?

How should I style my nails?

I recommend getting a manicure and pedicure the day before your maternity shoot. Two days before the shoot also works! Colors should be neutral and something fresh and light. We want your images to feel classic and timeless!


What accessories should I bring?

When planning your outfits, don't forget to plan accessories!! Stacks of bangles, lock necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, bright shoes and other add-ons can make or break an outfit! A thin belt or synched waist top or dress will really help show off your bump!

Studio props are available but bring your own style and personal touch for your session!

Dress Family?

Will you dress my husband and children for my maternity shoot?

The studio does not provide any clothing for husbands/partners or children. With all possible sizes and styles, it wouldn't be practical! Please make sure all other participants in the shoot come dressed and ready. 

Family to Wear?

What do you recommend for my husband and children to wear?

Similar to what I recommend for my expecting mothers, solid and neutral colors are the best for other maternity session participants. Your son or daughter or partner will look the best and won't detract from the shoot if they avoid oversized clothing, logos (or any kind of writing/pictures), and black or neon colors. We don't want them overshadowing the star of the show!

Bring Props

Should I bring props to my maternity shoot?

You are more than welcome to bring any props you want for your shoot! Please let me know in advance what props you want to bring so I have ideas prepared about how to best include your props in the shoot! I will look at both your inspiration images and your props, I will come up with an idea that brings it all together! 

Indoors Outdoors

Should I have my maternity shoot indoors or outdoors?

The short answer is that it's completely up to you! Shooting in the studio or shooting outdoors will create a different look and feel to your final photos and only you can decide if you really want outdoor shots in the woods or on a beach or next to a lake. 

Outdoor shoots can provide a variety of backgrounds and I can create compositions that I would never be able to replicate in a studio. Natural light around sunset is amazing for the look and feel that some people want. Some challenges of outdoor photography are the weather, changing light conditions, changing into maternity gowns in a car, and keeping that hair and makeup perfect in the wind!

Studio Maternity Photography will never get you a natural background, but that's about the only disadvantage. The advantages of indoor maternity photography are numerous! The weather is much more predictable in my studio (ha!) and changing into and out of gowns is more comfortable. (And there is a bathroom in the studio!) You can change your mind at the last minute about what gown you want, and they are all right there in my studio. I control the lighting and can get consistent exposure throughout the shoot for every photo. I can create my own wind with my fan (that I'm obsessed with!!) and still get the movement I'm looking for in my photos. Maternity Photography in my Studio in Tenafly, NJ is definitely my preference!

Choose Location

If I decide to have an outdoor shoot, can I pick the location?

I am always open to hearing ideas for locations for maternity shoots outside! If I am not familiar with the location or if it is more than a 20-minute drive from the Studio in Tenafly, NJ I may reserve the right to use another location. Please ask if you have a location in mind and I'm happy to discuss that with you.


If you don't have a location in mind, I have multiple places I have used for years and I know that they will be open, dry, have good light and will create art at the level my clients expect. We will discuss your vision for your shoot and pick a location that will create the final look you want!

Variety of Looks

Will I have a variety of looks in my session? Can I change during the session?

Multiple looks/outfits make a session take longer and requires additional time and creativity when retouching the shoot. For Newborn photography, each setup takes time and baby can be fussy. Considering these factors, each package includes a certain number of looks, outfits, or setups. The simple answer is it depends!


Check out all of my available packages and choose the right one for you!

Modern Fine Art Maternity Photo by Marta Chodur Photography – Chanel Hat

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