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Communion Season and Childhood Memories

Communion season started!!!!!

As a catholic I know how important and big day this is for catholic children and their families. I feel very honored to be part of this big day in some families. It brings back memories of my First Communion every time I have honor to photograph 1st Communion. I remember like it was yesterday when my mom was curling my hair old fashioned way using fabric scraps and made me sleep on them overnight !!!.... ughhh .... it was so uncomfortable.... but next day I looked like Princess!

.... I remember that my mass was 9am and I had to get up veeeery early to get ready and my hamster run away .... me and my little brother chasing him behind bookshelves.... , I remember smell of cake which grandma was baking so I can have it after church, nervousness while I was approaching priest to receive my first communion....all my cousins arriving to my house ..... and my first big kid bike I got as a gift!

While I am writing this post I have tears in my eyes... some of my cousins passed away and my dearest grandma I loved soooo much ... I know she is watching over me now. I can sense it! Enjoy your day, capture all images from that day in year head, your cousins, flowers, church, weather... smell of your mom and house.... these memories will be with you for the rest of your life !

I cherish these memories in my heart like the biggest treasure!!!!

I wanted to kick start 2019 communion season with sharing with you image of mine ❤️ and 1st Communion I photographed in 2019 - Beautiful Samantha !

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