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Squishiest cheeks

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing her first professional portraits when she was just a 2 weeks new. Weighing in at nine pounds at birth, this little girl was blessed with the squishiest cheeks. Just look at them! Don’t you just want to pick her up and kiss those adorable cheeks? I know I did!

As you can see we settled on light greens, blues and pinks for her photos. I was so excited, too, because I had just received the most adorable new brown knitted romper and dusty blue chunky blanket. It was the perfect addition for this portrait session. This sweet baby girl slept so peacefully. We were able to cover 4 beautiful looks for her during 2 hour session. I couldn't be happier with results and how beautiful my new props photographed and complemented her skin tone.

Once I finished with bowls and bed, I moved onto working with her on my large beanbag and then we took few family photos as well as few shots with her big brother.

Parents and big brother was relaxing on big couch in the studio, chatting , cuddling and laughing . it was one of those newborn sessions when everything was going juuuust perfect :)

Amazing, amazing session ! Thank you for coming to my studio



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