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Add-On Services

Packages are great, but sometimes you want to decide for yourself what to include. Well, now you can! Choose from any of the below a la carte services that can be added on to your package. For pricing and to discuss any custom requests, Contact Me!

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Unique Photoshop Manipulation - Baby on the Crescent Moon!

Additional Look or Setup

Packages all come with a certain number of looks or setups, depending on the type of package. If you want more looks or setups, you can always upgrade your package, or you can purchase an Additional Look or Setup. The purchase only covers the time and talent of the photographer for studio time and creative work. Additional photos, digital and print, will be purchased separately at the Additional Photo rate.

Additional Photos

Additional Photos can be purchased and added to any package. Photos are sold as digital copies only - all prints must be purchased separately. Any pictures taken that are not included in your package's setups or looks will be available for purchase at the Additional Photo rate. 

Additional Family Member or Session Participant

What set of family photos are complete without adding Grandma and Grandpa?! Packages that include families do not include grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other extended family. Photographing large groups becomes much more challenging the more people you add. Family Members or other Session Participants beyond what is included in the package can be included for an additional fee. All photos with these participants can be purchased as Additional Photos.

Expedited Gallery and Photos

Can't wait for your photos? Jump the line with Expedited Gallery and Photos. Cut your Proof Gallery wait time to 10 days (from 28 days) and your final turn around time to 3 days (from 7 days). Make those deadlines even if you scheduled a bit late for your special date!

Gallery Extension

Proof Galleries are available for 14 days, and Final Galleries are available for 21 days. If you miss your deadline to select favorites or to download your pictures, your gallery can be reactivated for a small fee. If it has been longer than a month since your gallery was taken offline, I will have to find your gallery on my backup drives and restore them, so the fee is slightly higher. Check out my Studio Policy for exact details. 

Body Modification Photoshop Request

Photoshop is an incredible tool that can do a lot to change how someone looks. I will NEVER change the way someone looks without their specific request. My normal retouching includes the removal of scars or blemishes, skin and color correction and cropping. If you want to make any body modifications of any kind to your photos, please contact me and be very specific about what you would like. Depending on the level of work required, I will charge a fee for the time to complete the updated retouching. 

Newborn Baby Girl in White Swaddle Wrap with Proud Parents and brother in this classic newborn family photo by Marta Chodur Photography

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