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Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Stars

Don't see your question in the list? Try the General FAQs!

When Sch Newborn

When should I schedule my Newborn Photography Session?

Newborn sessions are best captured between 10 and 15 days after birth, with 14 days being the target date. Older newborns do not want to get into and stay in the positions I need them in! They are more aware of their surroundings and interested in what I'm doing. We also don't want baby to look giant compared to the tiny newborn props!


I suggest booking your appointment before then! Don't wait until the last minute!

Early or Late

If I book my Newborn Session and then my delivery is earlier or later, what happens?

When booking a newborn session, I first make a soft booking with you based on your due date. I completely understand that deliver dates can change for many reasons! So, I ask that you stay in touch with me and reach out within 3 days of delivery. We then finalize your session day and time and I get excited to meet your new baby!!

C Section

If I have a C-Section, can I have more time to recover?

Absolutely! I am happy to make accommodations if you had any complications with your pregnancy or decided to have a C-Section. I still recommend scheduling the session at 14 days old, as this truly is the best time to have the session. If you need more time to recover, please communicate that with me and we will find a session time that you can handle!

Weekend Newborn

Do you offer newborn sessions during the weekend?

I do offer sessions during the weekend for some session types. Unfortunately, Newborn Sessions are only scheduled Monday-Friday. 

Dr Appt

I have a doctor appointment for baby the day before our scheduled session. Is that an issue?

Please do not schedule doctor visits the day before the Newborn Session. Shots make baby cranky, and we want baby rested and feeling good for their photos!

Prepare for Session

After booking, what do I need to do to prepare for the session?

You will be asked to email me around 10 inspiration images of newborn sessions that reflect your style. The images give me an idea of what colors you like and what type of session you would like to design together. Check out my Instagram, my Portfolio, Google or Pinterest.

Bring Day of Shoot

What do I need to bring on the day of the shoot?

Please bring diapers, wipes, a pacifier (even if baby does not use one at home, please bring one - it's very helpful during the session), as well as baby formula. I feed baby on the props sometimes to soothe them and help them get comfortable with the environment and stay asleep!

Breastfeeding mothers, please pump before the session and bring one extra bottle so I can handle baby and keep them asleep during the session!

Day of Session

Is there anything I can do on the morning/day of the session?

A well-fed baby is a happy baby! Please feed and burp baby right before our session to ensure a happy, sleepy (milk-drunk!) baby. Also, keep baby awake for the 60-90 minutes before the session if possible so they come as tired as possible! Baby should be dressed in something warm, but easy to slip on and off, so it can be removed without disturbing baby!

Gowns Newborn

Do you offer gowns for newborn shoots like you do for maternity?

No, parents (including Mom) and siblings must come dressed for the newborn shoot. 

What to Wear Newborn

What should the parents and siblings wear for the newborn session?

Neutral and light colors are always winners for Newborn Photography sessions. Creams, grays, light blues and soft pinks create an airy feel to your photos and match the softness of your little one. Stay away from large logos (or any writing if you can help it!), avoid black or neon colors and anything that will detract from the star of the show - your new baby!

If you are a major color-lover, don't pick something neutral just because I said it looks good - be true to yourself! If you love bright colors, show that off in your session! 

In Home Newborn

Will you come to my home for a newborn shoot?

I do not offer in-home newborn photography. The studio offers such a wide variety of possibilities for any desired look or feel. Feel free to bring that special prop or touch of home to your shoot to give that at-home vibe!

Expect During Shoot

What should I expect during the newborn session?

During the session, you have a chance to relax! I know how hectic life can be after welcoming a new baby into the world. The first few weeks can be a whirlwind! Your time in the studio is a chance to relax and unwind - I will take baby as soon as you walk in and work with the young model until we get through all of the newborn-only section. You will be invited to relax on the couch and you will have a chance to see print samples and plan your future artwork! Catch up on emails or take a short nap - feel like royalty!!

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Bare bottom newborn king

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