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Photography Pricing

When you book a professional photography session, there can be lots of questions about pricing and what's included. Some photographers seem very inexpensive... until you find out what you have to pay to actually get the artwork you always wanted hanging on your wall!! Be careful when selecting a photographer - think through what you want to do with your photos and if that's possible at a reasonable price!

Sitting Fee - what's that?!

Some photographers charge a session fee, sometimes called a sitting fee. The charge is only the cost to come to the studio and have pictures taken. No images, digital or printed, are included in a Sitting Fee - you have to pay for a photo package in addition. Look out for "inexpensive" packages that don't include what you're looking for!

Make sure you know what you are paying for and what is included? Ask for a total list of fees between the first deposit and having pictures in your hand!

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Little Lion Baby Boy

No Sitting Fees at Marta Chodur Photography!

What if I want more images?

What a dream scenario! You have the perfect shoot and the proofs come out amazing. You can't decide which photos you want because you want them all! But what's that going to cost?!

Another consideration is how much it will cost to add more photos to the package you purchase. It's the worst feeling to have to choose between photos you love. Taking the time before your shoot to understand what photographers charge for additional photos can help save trouble later! 

High Quality Images - Freedom to Print

Another common issue is when a photographer will give you images, but only up to a certain resolution. You may be told the photos in the package can only be printed up to a certain size - anything bigger and the picture will start to look grainy. But isn't the point of hiring a professional photographer to print large prints in high quality? 

These photographers limit the resolution as they want to control where you can print the larger images - only through them!! Make sure you ask about the ability to print the photos anywhere, in high resolution. Don't pay for amazing photos only to have them held hostage!! Understand your freedom to print in high resolution with any prospective photographer!

Not sure what kind of prints you want, or even what's available? No problem - check out more information on Prints and Artwork!

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