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Choosing the Right Photographer

OK - let's cut right to the chase. There are lots of photographers out there and at first glance we may seem to all be very similar! On closer inspection, there are rather large differences between studios and photographers. Here are some ways to help you make sure you are finding the right photographer to accomplish the look and shoot you want while staying within your budget!

Portfolio and Artwork!

First things first, check out the photographer's portfolio. It may be obvious, but you should love the images that the photographer creates. From the style and lighting, gown and hair choices, to poses of the subjects and retouching, every photographer's style will show through in their portfolio. When you look through their photos, you should be saying to yourself, "Wow - that's what I want!"


Some questions to ask yourself while viewing a portfolio:

  • Does the style align with how I envision my session? 

  • How does the photographer's direction and posing turn out in the finished images?

  • Does the photographer's use of props, chairs, and other equipment help to accentuate the beauty of the photos?

  • Is there a wide variety of art, showing a breadth of experience?

  • How do the images look when zoomed in? Is the image quality high? (Adjust your expectations depending on the medium - websites limit file size and image resolution so be careful!)

  • Can this photographer create the art that I'm looking for?

Working with the Photographer

Okay, you like the photographer's portfolio. Great! The end result is what you're looking for... but how do we get there? Are clients offered professional service? Do you get a free consultation and planning discussion? What was it like to work with the photographer? Luckily in 2022 we can read some reviews and testimonials to find out if working with the photographer is as great as their photos turn out!

Fashion Photo by Marta Chodur Photography – Kristen Robertiello

Read Testimonials about Marta Chodur Photography

See what Google Reviewers have to say about working with Marta!

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Sleeping with Teddy Bears

Personal Connection and Vibe

So the photographer seems like a good fit for other people, but there's no guarantee you'll have the same experience. After all, every person is different, and forming a personal connection with a photographer allows you to relax and get the most from your session. Time to call the photographer and speak to her to ensure you have a personal connection and really vibe with them. Don't settle! Vibing with your photographer really does make a world of difference for the final artwork!

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Budget and Pricing

The final piece of the puzzle is whether or not the photographer is within your budget. Asking for a quote can be misleading, as every photographer includes a variety of different charges! It can be hard to understand how much it will cost to actually have pictures in your hands!!

Read my guide to understanding photography pricing to make sure that the photographer you have chosen will still be within your budget by the time prints are on your wall!

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