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Nerves are Normal!

When you long for those perfect portraits you've been dreaming about, it can be scary to actually take the step and book your session. Either before booking or after, you may feel nervous and worry about being camera shy. Choosing the Right Photographer can definitely help! Even with the perfect photographer, those feelings are normal and totally okay! Don't worry!!!

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Green Baby Girl Sleeping in Perfect Pose

Most people feel self-conscious about being in front of the camera. I do, too! But my goal is to make your session a fun, relaxing experience. I've done hundreds of sessions with a wide variety of clients and I'm here to tell you that after the first few shots are taken, your nerves will dissipate! 

None of my clients are professional models and I promise to help you feel and look natural in front of the camera! You are going to be a pro by the end of our session!!

If you still feel nervous, call for a Free Consultation! Let's plan together how to get the best photos for your shoot!

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