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General Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Fine Art Newborn Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Teddy Bears

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Types of Photography

What types of photography do you shoot?

I shoot lots of different session types. My specialty is Maternity and Newborn Photography and that is my true passion! I also shoot and am published as a Fashion Photographer!

Child and Family photography are also joys of mine. I love watching my returning clients and their children grow every year! Portraits, both lifestyle and professional, are in my alley and my attention to detail and creativity is appreciated greatly in these types of shoots.


I have experience in food photography, real estate photography, event photography, first communion and confirmation photography and much more! If you don't see what you're looking for listed, please ask me!

Proof Gallery

When will my proof gallery be available and how many pictures will I have from my session?

Every session with Marta Chodur Photography includes access to a Proof Gallery, which is available 3-4 weeks after the session and will run for 14 days. The Proof Gallery will have all of the pictures from the shoot that came out well (no closed eyes, silly faces, bad lighting, etc.). The amount of pictures can vary depending on the type of session, but there are always plenty to choose from! You get to pick your favorites from the Proof Gallery depending on the number of images included in your package. (Extra photos can always be purchased and an additional invoice will be sent.)

You will get your final pictures within 7 days from submitting your favorites. 

Proof Gal Retouched?

Will the images in my Proof Gallery be retouched?

The Proof Gallery will have two sections - one will be for Samples and the other is called Proofs. The Samples are the only images in the Proof Gallery that will be retouched. The samples are there to give you an idea of how the pictures will look after cropping, color correction, and other retouching work. The idea is to view the samples to understand what the photos will look like, then select your Favorites from the Proof Gallery. 

You can always select the Samples as your Favorites! I try to pick the best pictures to retouch as samples, so check those out first!

Addl Retouch Work
Prints Included

What if I want additional retouching work beyond what is shown in the samples?

The Samples are designed to show the level of retouching work that I offer as included in my packages. If you want additional retouching beyond that, the level of work required will determine if there is an additional cost and what the cost will be. Sometimes requests that seem simple are incredibly tough in Photoshop, while other requests are quite simple even though they seem like a nightmare. So, never be afraid to ask!

If you have any questions about retouching, let's discuss that before your shoot so we're on the same page!

Will I get any prints with my package? Or only digital images?

I believe that a photo isn't complete until it is printed and being viewed on some medium other than a screen. So, every package I offer (for Newborn and Maternity) includes a small number of prints. Packages include more digital images than prints and you are welcome to buy additional prints to complete your set!

Addl Prints

Can I order additional prints beyond what is included in my package?

Absolutely, yes! I offer many different printing options, from your basic photo to Folio Boxes, Canvases and more. No matter what your printing needs, you can order and receive professional printing lab created pieces of art delivered directly to your home.

Printing Credit

What is a printing credit that I see included in packages?

A Printing Credit is a discount that can be applied to printing orders over a certain price. I believe no photo is complete until it is printed, so I try to encourage everyone to buy prints and truly make their pictures real. To help with the cost of professional printing lab costs, I include a printing credit in packages. If you are price conscious but want to order prints, please bring this up with me - if I can help, I will!

When Prints Delivered

When can I expect prints that come with my package or prints that I ordered after the session?

When reviewing your proof gallery, you will comment on your favorites that you want printed. When the final retouching of those images is done, the prints included in your package will be ordered and delivered within two weeks (shipping times may vary - 5-7 business days is expected). 

For any prints you order, you will have the option of how you want the order shipped. Typically orders take one day to process, two-three days to print and then shipping time is based on your selection. 

Variety Of Looks Outfits

Will I have a variety of looks in my session? Can I change during the session?

Multiple looks/outfits make a session take longer and requires additional time and creativity when retouching the shoot. For Newborn photography, each setup takes time and baby can be fussy. Considering these factors, each package includes a certain number of looks, outfits, or setups. The simple answer is it depends!


Check out all of my available packages and choose the right one for you!

Session Length

How long does a session take?

Session times are more of an art than an exact science. I will always take as long as we need to get the shots that you dream about. It is my goal to provide you an estimate that gives you an idea of how long a session will take. If it takes longer to get the perfect shot, I'll be there! If we're done a bit early, I'll give time back to you and let you get back to your busy life a little earlier! I don't sell session time - I create quality artwork. 

Family included

Can my partner/spouse/children be included in the shoot?

Photographing multiple people makes a session take longer and requires additional time when retouching the shoot. Getting every person in focus and looking perfect isn't easy! Some packages include family members and others do not.


Check out all of my available packages and choose the right one for you!

Extended Family

What about extended family or friends in my shoot?

Family included in all packages include only direct family and children. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends can be included in the shoot for an additional fee. The more participants, the harder the shoot becomes! 

See a full list of add-ons for your shoot!

When to Book?

When should I book? (I’m not due for several months, should I book now?)

The best time to book is right now! The right time to have the shoot depends on the type of shoot (see my Maternity FAQs or Newborn FAQs). Making sure you get the right timing for you and your due date is important. I do not hold dates available for anyone until there is a completed booking, and a deposit is paid to hold the space available. Book now so you get the shoot at the right time for you! 


Why is there a deposit required? Is it refundable?

A deposit is required to book your session and reserve your specific session day and time. When other clients are interested in that time slot, the deposit holds your space and appointment. The deposit is NOT refundable, just as my time can't be returned if a session is canceled!

Read my full Studio Policy for more information about rescheduling, cancelations, weather-related policies for outdoor shoots and much more!

Booking Info

What info is needed to book?

If you decide to book, I will ask you for the below information. The info will be used to complete a deposit request via Square, which will be sent to you via email or phone. The booking is not complete until the deposit request has been completed.

--> Full Name
--> Email Address
--> Phone Number
--> Due Date and Gender
--> Ideal Session Date
--> Session Type and Package Name
--> Name and age of all family members for the shoot

After Booking

What happens after booking?

After I receive your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email. The email will include instructions for next steps, including how to provide inspiration images and how to prepare for your session! We can have an additional discussion about your shoot and your vision for the artwork we are creating. 

Inspiration Images

What are inspiration images and why am I being asked for them?

Inspiration images help me understand what you are looking for as a final product of our session together. I gain an understanding of your style and preferred color theme. Inspiration images are not meant to be replicated during our session - I always to try to do something unique and creative in every session. They are there for me as a general guide of what you're interested in!

Inspiration Images can be taken from my Instagram, my Portfolio, Google or even Pinterest. Inspiration Images by other photographers are okay, but I can't guarantee I will have the exact props they do!

Weekend Sessions

Are weekend sessions available for scheduling?

I do offer some weekend session times, usually on one Saturday and one Sunday per month. Ask during booking if those session times are available - you are more likely to get weekend bookings when scheduling at least two months in advance! 

Deals Discounts

Are there any deals or discounts available?

I occasionally run seasonal sessions that are available to returning clients and those on my subscriber list first. See Service Offerings for a full list of photography packages!

Hair Makeup

Do you offer Hair and Makeup services at your studio?

No, I do not offer either hair or makeup services. I do highly recommend them, though! I suggest scheduling professional hair and makeup appointments before your shoot - a fresh blow out and a professional makeup application goes a LONG way when being photographed! You want to feel your best and this is definitely a time to treat yourself!

Gift of Photo

How can I give the gift of photography? Can I purchase a session for someone else?

I offer Gift Certificates you can purchase for any amount you would like. You can also choose to purchase whole session! Contact Me if you are interested!  

Custom Fine Art Maternity Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Sunflower

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