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Cake Smash Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Twins Cake Smash

Don't see your question in the list? Try the General FAQs!

Provide Cake

Do you provide the cake for the Cake Smash Session?

No, each client must bring their own cake for their Cake Smash Session. I have learned from experience that everyone has their own ideas for what is safe and healthy for their children, and the last thing I want is to feed a child something their parents wouldn't want! Allergies are also a concern of mine. To avoid any potential issues and to make sure your children are eating in line with what you approve, all clients must bring their own cake for the session.

CS Outfit

Can you provide the outfit for my child's cake smash?

The studio does not have outfits to go with every potential theme and style that parents may want for a cake smash. Outfits will not be provided for the child or for any family members for a cake smash session. I would be more than happy to make suggestions before your shoot based on your inspiration images - just ask me!

Custom Background

Will you buy a background for my child's cake smash at my request?

The studio has a number of backgrounds available that could fit in with your theme! When I see your inspiration images, I will do my best to match the theme you are looking for with an original spin or creative idea. I cannot guarantee I will provide the exact same background that you have seen on the internet, but I can guarantee that your inspiration will show through in the final photos and your images will be unique! 

Choose Theme

How can I choose a theme or background for the session?

If you aren't quite sure what you are looking for with your cake smash session, you can check out my Cake Smash Portfolio. Try Pinterest or Google for more ideas! Or you can always ask me and we can create a theme together! 

Provide Decorations

Do you provide the decorations for the cake smash session?

Absolutely! One of the best parts of a cake smash session is setting up the studio with custom decorations for whatever your theme may be! I will use your inspiration images to create a custom backdrop for your session with balloons, props, and whatever else we need. 

What to Bring

What do I need to bring on the day of the cake smash?

You will need to bring your own cake. Please also bring a change of clothes for after the smash as your child will be covered in cake! Wipes and a small towel are also helpful for cleanup! There is a small bathroom sink available, but it is not meant to handle a huge mess!!

Family Included

Will I or my husband or other children be included in the session?

That depends! See my explanation of who is included in my General FAQs. 


Please also check out my Cake Smash Packages to see what's included! 

Weekend CS

Do you offer cake smash sessions during the weekend?

I do offer sessions during the weekend for some session types. Cake Smash Sessions are typically shorter and can definitely be done during the weekend.


Weekend space is in high demand, so schedule early to lock in your weekend session! 

Multiple Outfits

Can my child wear more than one outfit during the session?

See my explanation of outfits in my General FAQs. Cake Smash Packages all include a single outfit. See my add-on services if you are still interested in a second look for your shoot!

Outdoor CS

Will you come to an outdoor location for a cake smash session?

I generally love to shoot outside and recognize how that can enhance a session. Cake Smash Sessions can be rather challenging outside, as wind and decorations do not go well together! Keep that in mind if you are thinking of an outdoor session! 


If the location you have in mind is within 20 minutes of my Studio in Tenafly, NJ, please suggest the location. Some parks and recreational areas have restrictions against commercial activities, including photography (I have learned from experience!!). We can hopefully find a location that works, or we will shoot in my studio!

CS Prints

Can we get the cake smash photos printed in time for my child's birthday?

The Proof Gallery is delivered in a few weeks, and then you need to pick favorites. Final retouching is done and returned within one week. Then prints can take time. So plan ahead and you can get prints in time!

If you want prints on a specific date, make sure to book ahead and save your date! Don't wait until the last minute!

Cake Smash Photo by Marta Chodur Photography - Twins Lucas and Mateo

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