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My First Newborn Session Ever!

Over the past few years,  I have had the incredible honor of photographing almost 100 newborn babies. Sometimes my clients ask me if I do remember my first ever newborn session.

Ohhh yes!!! I do remember every single detail of this session like it was yesterday ! I remember day, time, weather, street I parked on... and fear before photographing my first newborn baby. This session took place 4 years ago but I can still smell stress sweat when I think about that day :)

It was baby girl, her name was Rebecca and she was 7 days old. I had two blankets, zero baskets and zero props, bean bag from Home Goods and asked her mom to get her own headbands and blankets. I had watched video tutorials online for a month before my session with Rebecca, I practiced at home on my yorkie dog Rocky baby positions and angles :), but really… I had no idea what I was doing. When I go back to that morning when I was packing my car and leaving for my first newborn session with Rebecca - I can still taste fear in my mouth.

You probably asking why, since I was established children and family photographer I have decided to go ahead and try newborn photography? Well... to be totally honest it was purely accidental.

I was taking pictures of Rebecca's parents at maternity session - at the end, her mommy asked me if I would be interested in doing newborn session for them, since they had sooo much fun with me doing maternity shoot.

I was very honest and upfront. I said that I have no experience photographing newborn babies and I would be happy to do that. I did charge them for session with Rebecca $50- it was just symbolic amount to cover my travel expenses and retouching time. I was thrilled that they trusted me and I get to photograph brand new life and explore new type of photography.

Session with Rebecca was huge, huge success. She was sleeping through whole time. I had perfect natural light, her parents were easy going and very prepared for session as well. We were chatting, laughing and snapping pictures of perfectly, peacefully sleeping baby on beautiful handmade by grandma blankets and bean bag from Home Goods :):):)

This picture perfect session was good enough to "hook me up to newborn photography" :)!

By then I HAD no clue how important is to have sleeping baby on newborn session. By then I thought that all my newborn clients will be like that :) and all my newborn sessions will be filled with silence and lullabies in background, perfectly sleeping babies, no accidents (poops or pees on my props :)), easy set ups and no need for my own props or super expensive equipment.....

If you are newborn photographer reading this you probably laughing because you know exactly what I am talking about and that Rebecca's newborn session was very unique and I was suuuper lucky to have FIRST newborn session like this. Just picture perfect scenario for everything :)

Now after all these years photographing newborn babies I know this too :)!!!

Sometimes I think that GOD created for me this perfect day with Rebecca (my first newborn session), because he had plan for me. He knew I will fall in love with these precious little lives and the idea of capturing their first real portraits. He knew if he will create for me perfect very first newborn session, that's all I need to understand that this is what I will love and be passionate about. He knew that day that this is something which I will be great at, and I can use all creativity I have in me to create beautiful images of brand new babies and I will be enjoying doing this for the rest of my life !!!


Thank you Rebecca for that day! Thanks to you I am newborn photographer and I am looooooooving every second of that !


How I became photographer?

How much it cost and what it takes to be newborn photographer?

What is Boudoir Maternity Session?

Gender Reveal Session vs Traditional Maternity Session

and much more ! Stay tuned Loves!

P.S. If you curious about something, or would like me to cover some specific topic just shoot me an email: and I would be more than happy to answer your request :)

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