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Couldn't ask for more perfect model

Surprise Valentines Day Session for Daddy with Maddie

Let me introduce you to Maddie, one of the most beautiful and sweetest girls I met during my photography journey. You will see her a lot on my blog!

She is just sweet little angel with huuuge heart ! Exactly like her mommy. I love, love, love these girls!

I met Maddie and her mommy over a year ago - I think, on the portrait session her mommy booked for her with me... and ohhhh boy....she stole my heart the minute I met her. Since then we just BESTIES!!! Every session starts with huuuuge hugs and screams of happiness :)

I think when we were shooting our first session she was 4 years old, and to be totally honest I was expecting and planning session appropriate for her age. I always plan sessions accordingly to clients age (especially children since their attention span is based on various factors, such as age).

So I had whole session planned in my head for Maddie based on her age of course. But the moment I picked my camera, adjusted settings and was ready to shoot - this girl turned from 4 years old silly goose to super model in blink of my eye. She was striking pose after pose and I was chasing her with my camera and getting all these beautiful shots - one better than the other! She followed my directions perfectly ! Her energy was contagious ! Our 30 minutes mini portrait session turned into probably close to 1.5 hr session. I have to mention her mommy! She's the warmest, kindest woman ... I felt like we knew each other years.... so easy going and wonderful to talk with... and she is the best manager Maddie could ever wish to have. She new in flash how to keep this little 'ball of energy" happy and smilie entire time!

I am the artist and always collect inspiration images in special folder in my cell phone. My phone is overloaded with colorful, sometimes weird images and ideas...That day I knew Maddie is the one ! I knew me and her will be using my "special folder" all the time. I knew she will fulfill my "artistic itch" to create something unique. Below I am attaching few images from Valentines session with Maddie. It was classic session for her daddy as a Valentines Gift. But same night we created something unique and beautiful as well. I am currently working on retouching this part of session with Maddie and will post it soon ! I hope you had wonderful Valentines day . I will see you in next post ! Stay tuned!


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