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My first blog post and my insecurities!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Few words about me and why now I have decided to start my photography blog ...

Marta during one of her photo walks

Hi loves,

Happy Valentines Day !!!!!!

I hope everyone is having wonderful full of love and chocolate and roses day!!!!!

Today - on Valentines Day I have decided to finally write my first post !!!! Perfect day to share my love, pour my heart out :) and finally start my BLOG!!!!

Lots of my clients told me that I seriously have to start blogging - like NOW! hahaha.

I have to admit that I love, love, love my clients - they became my friends, my family and my support system. I have been so lucky to meet so supportive and wonderful people. Some of them are with me since I started my photography journey and I watch their children grow !

Well I was thinking about blogging since I got into photography… but finally 2 days ago - during the snow storm, when I stuck home :))) (video attached), I have decided that it's time to overcome my insecurities and start blogging.

If you met me, you probably know that I am “chatter box” , I love talking, and more talking, and I am full of stories to tell and information to share. I think blog is juuuuust perfect for me - so my clients, my family and my friends will finally get some relief from my constant need to talk hahahah ….. I also want my clients to get to know me on personal level :) and see behind scenes ...

If you are wondering why I didn’t start blogging before, and you suspect that one of my excuses will be : lock of time, being busy, lazy …. etc, etc - you couldn’t be MORE wrong !

One of the main reasons - actually - ONLY REASON - why I didn’t start blogging earlier is because of my language barrier. I am originally from Poland and English is not my first language. I was to scared , and to concern of saying anything without having someone to edit my text and check grammar mistakes. I was thinking how possibly without someone edit my text I can start blogging with my imperfect grammar. So now you know ....this is one of my biggest insecurities!

Ohhh well… I finally got this of my chest ufff :). So after I gave it another thought and slept on it again and again and again hahaha, I have decided that this won’t stop me from doing something which I apparently enjoy a lot - talking :)) - on top of taking pictures of course :), and since I never shut up :) I definitely wont have a problem with a blog content hahah. As a matter of fact I have so many ideas that it will be enough for whole year :) .

Well that being said please forgive me grammar mistakes :) I will try my best. I want to be me. I want to be authentic and I do not want to pretend to be some fancy blogger with picture perfect life. I will talk about everything I think might intrest you with no filter - or on the other note - little bit filter :). I think blogging will be also very helpful for me to practice and to perfect my grammar, but my goal is to connect with you on more personal level, give you sneak peak to my life, sessions, as well as share informations, which might help you to prepare for photo session with me better and overcome insecurities :)

Now few words about myself.

If you do not know me yet - my name is Marta, and I am a Photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, children and family photography providing photography services for New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding areas. I offer on location photo sessions and in home sessions for my precious newborn clients.

My style is fun, colorful and fresh. I don’t like all of my images to look the same, I always want to be doing something new and creative.

“My Passion Is People.”

Ever since I picked up my first camera I have been completely addicted to not only drawing images with light through the use of cameras, but also to the look on people's faces when they see how beautifully the lens has captured them. 

Seven  years later my love for photography has not changed. It has often been said that doing what you love tends to always bring success and happiness. So I decided to take the leap and turn my long time passion into a profession. When not photographing kids or family events I dedicate significant time and energy towards nature, animals, seascapes, landscapes photography,  as well as charity, advertisement, portrait and editorial.

I love art, road trips, biking, snowboarding, reading and I am passionate about living an authentic life. I like taking pictures of moments that make me feel connected to life. To the beautifully vulnerable moments when we allow ourselves to be loved and to love back. The moments that make us human. I love details. I find beauty in the small things. I believe marriage and meaningful relationships are worth fighting for. 

I try to put down technology when I can because being present with the people I am around is important to me.

The boring stuff you need to know...

I am extremely organized and intentional about my work. I'm a professional. I can call myself truly a versatile photographer that can produce quality photography in any setting. My experience as a model is what gives me a unique ability to understand photography from a model's perspective. My ability to combine this knowledge with my love of photography and my passion for capturing beautiful images reflects in my clean style. I am committed to running my business well and I would love to meet you and hear your story.


See you in my next post



P.S. If you curious about something, or would like me to cover some specific topic just shoot me an email: and I would be more than happy to answer your request :)

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1 Comment

Deirdre MacKnight
Deirdre MacKnight
Feb 14, 2019

Can I just say how happy I am to read this, the minute we first met you we both felt such a strong connection. Every session with you is fun, relaxed and like hanging out with a friend I’ve known forever. Keep posting

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